My name is Madison, the hands and heart behind Outdoors Explored. My blog took many forms over the years while becoming what it is today, and I thank you for being here.

As any creator knows, creativity inspires creativity, and I think this applies to my writing and its growth. This concept has made sense of my continuous life long search of self-expression through connecting with nature and sharing it with others.

A significant influence for my content is Kittitas County- the region that I live, a mountainous slice of Heaven that has drawn me back and awakened my spirit time and time again. It is here, in the countryside valley surrounded by mountains in Central Washington, that the process starts. I hike and forage for quietness, direction, and the inspiration that stirs original ideas.

Serving as the Director of Tourism and Events for Kittitas County and working with local environmental groups with a big impact, I am able to help grow the area’s economic base while preserving the history, character, natural resources and valued sense of community that make it so special. I have discovered that writing here and showcasing the components of what makes this place what it is helps make me who I am, giving me a deeper appreciation for our community and an eagerness to share it.

Above all, I like to think that I work hand in hand with the natural world to conceptualize the intention behind my work and pass this on to my readers. I hope that you find something to connect with here that can bring you as much joy as I had creating it.

Madison Ford

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